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To make sure we give you the right contact details, choose one of the options below:

travelpricecheck.com is a price comparison website, so you don’t book directly with us.

When you find the price you’re after either for hotels, flights or car hire, we’ll send you though to the booking agent and they will sort the reservation out for you.

If you need to speak to a specific hotel then you’ll need to contact them directly.

Any emails or messages sent to travelpricecheck.com won’t be passed onto the individual hotels.

If you’ve used us to make your booking and need to discuss it further you’ll need to contact the site you made the booking with.

Sadly, we can’t help you find out which site you booked with as we don’t deal with the bookings ourselves. However, these hints may help:

  • Go through your emails – whichever booking site you’ve used they would have sent you a confirmation email. This will have all the contact information you need to get in touch with them.
  • Check your bank statements – your credit/debit card statement will have the name of the company you booked with. If you don’t recognise the name then give your bank a call.
  • Check your internet history – if you don’t clear your internet history out on a regular basis it should show which sites you’ve visited recently.

As we’re a price comparison site, we don’t deal with any of the bookings directly. We simply search through a number of booking sites to find the cheapest prices for you.

You’ll need to contact the site you made the booking with if you need to discuss your reservation.

I still have questions…

If you still have questions about our site then take a look at our Help Centre.